Frontiers in Writing Conference

Most of my published books are historical or Christian fiction. Current writing projects include the next book in my Christian fiction series, Abigail of Tarsus (a story about Paul’s sister), and a standalone Christian fiction book I call Exile (about Joseph and Mary’s escape to Egypt with the baby Jesus). I’m also working on the second draft of a sequel to Shelter from the Storm (suspense, women’s fiction).

I first got the bug to write from a high school English teacher. I’m one of those odd people who enjoyed and preferred essay questions on tests all through high school and college.


I teach writing workshops regularly and present at writers’ conferences. I’ve been writing for much of my life in spare moments. I spent about four years as a full-time freelance ghostwriter with 10 projects to my credit for an international clientele.


Both my husband and I are writers. He writes a regular weekly column in the local newspaper as a freelancer and does freelance editing. I love having an editor in the family when preparing my manuscripts for the publisher. We have six children, four grandchildren, and a dog.


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