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Christian Fiction

These stories are set in Biblical times based on women mentioned in the scriptures. Research included geography, climate, and 1st century history from the viewpoint of the Jewish, Greek, and Roman historians of the time. The first century cultures and customs make the characters feel real to the reader. Most of the antagonists in the current New Testament Women series are women mentioned in the scriptures.

Books currently available:

Rebekah Redeemed (print, Kindle, Nook)

The Fisherman’s Wife  (print, Kindle, Nook)

Coming 2013:

Miriam’s Room


Exile: After the Kings


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Historical Fiction

Some of my favorite books are historical fiction including authors like John Jakes who is best known for his U.S. Civil War books and the Kent Family Chronicles. Reading his work taught me the importance of research and fact checking. Setting a fictional story in history requires factual information about the time, customs, and events. Writers like John Jakes researched the major figures of the time and stay true to who they were and the part they took in those historical events. Then, they insert their fictional characters and story line into history.

bigstock_Jerusalem_Palm_4084413T. Davis Bunn and Janette Oke’s, The Acts of Faith series, is a wonderful example of Christian fiction that has the same type of research and quality writing. They are classified as Christian fiction by the book stores but are additionally historically accurate.

My New Testament women books have the same historical and Biblical research so that the reader can feel like the story takes them back in time to Israel and the surrounding Mediterranean area.

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